What is Business Coaching ?

Coaching is the process of helping an individual or group develop their full potential and capabilities.

So Business Coaching is the process of taking a business from where it is today to its full potential – usually defined by the owner’s vision.

Musicians, actors, professional athletes, and larger company executives & teams all work with coaches.  Small & medium sized businesses can also benefit from coaching.


The process begins with quick assessment of where the business is at today.  We do this to identify potential areas of improvement to focus on and to create a baseline to measure growth against as we work together.

You and your Business Coach partner together to:

- Clarify your vision and goals for the business
- Identify areas for improvement
- Explore strategies to tackle the gaps
- Create the necessary tactical action plans
- Use accountability check-points to measure progress

Your Business Coach will serve as an independent, trusted partner and help you create the business of your dreams.


What Are Some of The Benefits of Business Coaching ?

Business coaching helps you 

- Increase revenue & profits
- Drive more customers to your business
- Manage your time & people better to focus on what matters most
- Create a better business model
- Get a handle on your business finances
- Create clarity around short-term & long-term goals and necessary action plans
- Remain accountable to your vision & mission
- Explore new ideas through an independent advisor & confidant
- Learn new skills
- Attract better employees
- to GROW !

Can You Coach My Industry ?

This is a great question.  In the business coaching relationship, you’re the industry knowledge expert.  You’re Business Coach is the knowledge expert on growing profitable & healthy businesses.

The coaching process is about developing your, your team’s, and your business’s potential.  So the focus is on YOU… not your industry.  We'll work on improving your strategic thinking, developing tactical action plans, managing your time better, becoming a better leader, learning how to implement process in your business where necessary, hiring better people, and much more.

How Long Does The Coaching Process Take ?

That depends on:

- how much you want to accomplish
- how often you & your coach meet
- how much time & resources (you & your team) are available.

Coaching relationships can last from a few weeks to deal with a minor issue to months depending on the number, and complexity, of the goals.  The coaching proceeds at your pace – not the coach’s schedule.

How Much Does Business Coaching Cost ?

Not everyone wants a one-size-fits-all solution.  So we created different coaching programs to meet a variety of needs.  

For 1-on-1 Coaching, we offer 4 different service levels - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.  The cost depends on a number of factors including:

- how many times you meet 1-on-1 with your coach each month
- options to work with your strategic partners (CPA, Legal Team, etc.)
- options to have strategic meetings with your suppliers or other partners,
- holding special quarterly / yearly retreats and training with your employees,
- and more. 

Group Coaching Programs are also available as a lower-cost alternative for very small businesses and solopreneurs to improve their overall performance.  You'll still enjoy working with a coach in-person but do so alongside other business owners following a set schedule and topics.  Weekly & monthly meeting options may be available.  Group coaching is limited to no more than 10 participants.

Every coaching program includes all of the necessary materials (tools, forms, templates, books) as well as unlimited access to your coach via email & phone between your scheduled 1-on-1 sessions or group sessions.

Schedule a quick exploratory meeting to see how we can help you.

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