Business Consulting Services

Consulting Solutions

Bullish About Business offers a variety of consulting services for business owners.

We can develop your

- Business Plans
- Strategic Plans
- Marketing Plans
- Sales Forecasts
- Financial Budgets
- SWOT/SWOTT Analysis
- Customer Service Surveys
- Marketing Requirements Documents (MRD's)
- Product Launch & Commercialization Plans
- Operations Manuals
- Employee Manuals
- Job Descriptions & Requirements
- Performance Review Documents
- Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) & Dashboards
- Content Marketing & Messaging
- Market Research
- Acquisition Business Integration Plans

We also conduct

- Cost benefit analysis
- M&A due diligence
- Voice-of-the-Customer Interviews
- Time Management Studies
- Behavioral & Communication Profiles 

What's the Difference Between Coaching & Consulting ?

As discussed in the Business Coaching section, Coaching is about working to develop you & your team's abilities to handle future business.  Ultimately you're performing the work with the coach's oversight and guidance.  

With Consulting, you're asking the advisor to perform the actual work and create the deliverable - whether it be a plan, document, or action within the business.  They essentially become a contract employee for the duration of that project.

How Much Does Business Consulting Cost ?

Business Consulting fees are based on the actual project / task and the time expected to complete the task.  Projects are quoted on an individual basis and typically include milestone payments (payment of fees for delivery of certain items along the project timeline.)

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