Why Do You Need a Business Coach ?

Why do you need a business coach ?

As an entrepreneur, small or large business executive, or emerging leader you may not have a mentor or confidant to be an independent partner, guide, advisor, or accountability buddy in business.  This makes your job tougher.

A business coach's job is to help you grow your own skills in problem solving, strategic thinking, planning, and identifying issues before they consume you.  The process that a good coach uses is based on several key steps.  

  • The first is to gain clarity.  This is where the coach help you to define success, clarify your desired end-state, and define and quantify gaps.
  • The second step is to start planning for your success.  In this phase, you're defining strategies and tactics to reach that defined success state, setting goals, and designing action plans.
  • Taking action is the third step.  This is where you start to implement your action plans, observe responses and results, and collect data the steps towards success.
  • Finally, your coach is there to provide accountability to the process.  You will be reviewing your progress with them, measuring returns, learning what works the best, and adjusting actions as necessary.

Remember... top athletes, actors, and musicians all have coaches behind them.  Successful business people do too.  Don't be afraid to reach out to someone if you're "stuck" or feeling like you need to talk about business issues.  It is totally natural to feel "stuck" once in awhile.  

Reach out to a coach and see where your next-actions take you.