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The Top 4 Things to Know About Your Coach - Rob Pietsch

(1) He's Passionate About Helping Business Owners Achieve Their Goals

Rob is the Founder & President of Bullish About Business – a Business Coaching & Strategy Company. As a Certified Professional Business Coach, Rob has worked 1-on-1 with business owners to help them get “unstuck” from the issues holding them back.  He has helped businesses in a variety of different industries get inspired and learn how to define & achieve success.  Rob works together with clients – whether they’re a startup or mature company – to make their goals a reality using proven business coaching techniques & tools. 

(2) He Has the Ability to Save Clients Time on Their Own Path to Business Success

Rob has the expertise developed from more than 20 years in “Corporate America” to help small business owners accelerate their own success.  Rob held senior leadership positions with a variety of companies including: Honeywell, Goodrich, and BAE Systems. He’s worked in R&D, Engineering, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Program Management, Product Management, and General Management.  As the GM of a $200M international company, he led the business's turnaround to deliver annual 35% net profit margins.  Throughout his career he’s successfully launched 100’s of new products & services, reinvigorated stagnant & dying businesses, acquired & integrated businesses in deals up to $60M, created countless strategic partnerships, and secured in excess of $6 billion in new sales.

(3) He Has a Track Record of Small Business Success in the Local Community

Rob's a seasoned business owner and long-time Florida resident.  Rob and his family own and operate four (4) successful businesses in Central & West Florida.  They’ve grown their businesses from the ground up and find fulfillment in sharing their experiences and winning strategies to help others realize their own business dreams.  Rob & his family have lived in Central Florida for over 25 years. 

(4) He's Passionate About More Than Business

Rob's a strong believer in continuous learning and personal development.  He’s an avid reader of titles in business leadership & management, strategy, creativity, investing, and personal growth.  He enjoys kayaking and rowing, freshwater & saltwater fishing, Japanese karate, world travel, reading, and film noir.  Rob is also a professional Santa Claus.

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